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WMF Technical Committee meeting 2015, 21.-22.02.2015 in Prague, Czech Republic

The annual WMF TC meeting was held last weekend in Prague, "hosted" and organized by our Youth Officer and TC member Martin Tománek.

As usual in the years of WMF Delegates Conference, a big part of the meeting is dedicated to the motions from the member nations, continental federations and other WMF organs. Motions for changing WMF rules need to be prepared for the Delegates Conference, if seconded by TC, which means often longer and detailed discussions. Also this time the discussions were very lively and sometimes even emotional, but at the end the TC team can always find democratic solutions, because we are a team.

Further the focus was on annual administrative tasks and on preparations of the upcoming 2015 international championships.

The readers are surely interested in what kind of motions are to be expected at DC 2015… The meeting minutes will be published as soon as possible, but let me mention the probably most revolutionary motion – at first glance anyway. Czech federation motioned to change the maximum score on one lane from 7 to 5, with four strokes being the maximum played on one lane. TC decided after consideration of several aspects to second the motion and bring it to the DC for decision by the member nations, possibly with longer implementation period than usual if approved. As this change would be something bigger and the consequences wider than for most rule changes, TC wishes and expects lots of discussions on different levels; international, national, local, official as well as unofficial. We will follow the discussions, are glad to receive feedback and hope that the delegates arrive to the conference in August with good arguments pro or contra in their luggage!

Finally, the colleagues of WMF TC and the whole WMF team want to thank the retiring long-time TC member and former Swedish head coach Jan Strandberg for all the pleasant years of cooperation on and off the courses!

Pasi Aho
WMF Sport Director

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