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e-letter from the WMF President
edition 03 / 2014 - 03rd October 2014


The not yet IOC-recognized international federations like WMF had a working session from 13. to 14.08.2014 in Lausanne in the SportAccord office. As member of the steering committee it is my main task in this field together with a very experienced team from 6 international federations to develop the statutes and the future strategy of the AIMS (Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord) as an integrated body of SportAccord. The next meeting will be held during IF-Forum in Lausanne from 03. to 05. November 2014.

On invitation of SportAccord President Marius Vizer I got the opportunity to take a look behind the stage of the Judo World Championships in Chelyabinsk / Russia from 25.-31. August 2014. The participation as VIP at this international top level event has created a lot of input to WMF to organize Minigolf World Championships on the most professional way by ourelves. Also another fact is getting more and more important in our sports life: Meanwhile I'm integrated in the big network of the judo family by the great hospitality of the SportAccord President Marius Vizer, who is also President of the International Judo Federation. I could meet many very important people from sport politics of other international federations and officials from different countries all around the world. You can imagine by the picture below how close our cooperation meanwhile is: Some small minigolf lanes have been presented inside the kids playground in the public area of the Judo WC in Chelyabinsk / Russia.


A great financial support was given by SportAccord to WMF to develop the structures and membership situation in order to be prepared to get the status "IOC recognized" during the next years. The granted 50.000 USD have to be used for an employer and his expenses, who will be working as development officer for WMF. Meanwhile Oleg Klassen/Germany was hired for this position by decision of WMF Executive Committee. I'm very thankful for this great support of SportAccord, which will open us the door to start a new phase of development on a much more professional base. I will guarantee that the money is used in the right way for the benefit of our minigolf sport.


Soon I will report about:

  • Workshop with International Judo Federation (IJF) In Budapest to develop a marketing and media strategy of WMF with the experience of IJF as a very successful IF.
  • Visit of our quite new member in Korea with an introduction seminar about minigolf in Seoul.
  • SportAccord multisport events are coming up with minigolf inside the official programm: Urban Games 2016 and Beach Games 2017

WMF President
Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

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