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e-letter from the WMF President
edition 02 / 2014 - 04th August 2014


The voting for an extra-ordinary Delegates Conference of WMF is closed. The only topic was to accept the application of the Spanish candidate for WMF full membership. The result will be reported soon. From other nations around the world the most promising candidates for WMF membership at the moment are Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.


WMF knocking at the doors of Spanish Olympic Committee

WMF president arranged a meeting with Mr. Alejandro Blanco, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee this Monday. He was accompanied by the EMF-President Victor Condeco and José Luis Hinojosa together with Luis González de Castejón as representatives of the Spanish WMF applicant. This meeting could be arranged by recommendation of the SportAccord President Marius Vizer, who is a very close friend to Mr. Blanco.
It is part of a huge program to build up new minigolf federations by delivered sport political personal contacts of Mr. Vizer to very important people in different countries all around the world. The target is to develop the base for the started IOC recognition process.
The meeting in Madrid was a great success. The President of the Spanish NOC Mr. Blanco promised his personal help for the foundation of a nationwide Minigolf Association in Spain. As next steps the approval of the most helpful minigolf courses and the foundation of different clubs in at least five Spanish regions will follow. With the recommendation of the SportAccord President and the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee the door for a successful development of minigolf in Spain is wide open.


To fulfil the WADA compliance also in future the new WADA code has to be implemented into the existing current Anit-Doping-Regulations (ADR) of WMF rulebook. At this time WMF has to check a first draft, which was written by the "Doping Free Sport Unit" of SportAcord as free service for our federation. As soon as the new ADR's are checked by WADA and decided by WMF Executive Committee, we will inform our active members to implement the new anti doping regulations in the same way into their national rules.

WMF President
Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

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