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e-letter from the WMF President
edition 01 / 2014 - 07th July 2014


I'm very thankful to have been invited by the SportAccord President to the first edition of the Judo Grand Prix in Budapest with athletes from more than 50 nations and a price money of 100.000 USD.
Aside from the meeting a lot of important topics have been discussed and SportAccord President Mr. Marius Vizer and SportAccord General Director Mr. Vlad Marinescu granted a lot of information as well as fundamental topics of a WMF marketing strategy with very high value.


A meeting with Mr. Alejandro Blanco the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee together with EMF President Victor Condeco and our Spanish WMF applicant for membership is confirmed for the 28th of July 2014 in the NOC office in Madrid. The contact was arranged by SportAccord President Marius Vizer to help the minigolf development in Spain using his network with VIP's all over the world. Most important target of the meeting is the middle term preparation of the recognition of minigolf sport in Spain by the Spanish Olympic committee.


The decision on the host city for the first SportAcord BEACH GAMES 2015 and the according date is expected until middle of July 2014. WMF is invited to take part with different minigolf disciplines on movable lanes, whereas the formate and the number of participants still has to be discussed and decided.

A WMF development office under the direction of WMF President is going to be established. Final adjustments in cooperation with the SportAccord President are expected soon. It will help to coordinate the President's work with a large number of new member candidates and to implement the first steps of the planned marketing strategy of WMF in cooperation with SportAccord. WMF hereby prepares the defined goal to get the status "IOC recognized sport" for minigolf.

WMF President
Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

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