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Germany retain Youth World Minigolf Championships in Bad Münder, Germany

Victory for German teams in both Youth World Team Minigolf Championships. Finland strike gold in boy’s Matchplay final. Germany claim gold in boy’s and girl’s strokeplay finals. Austria wins girl’s matchplay championship.

The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) Youth World Minigolf Championships took place in Bad Münder, Germany between the 15th and 18th August. 92 players from fourteen countries competed in the sixth edition of the championships played out on two 18-hole Miniaturegolf and Feltgolf courses. Germany, the defending Youth World Champions, was successful in retaining the titles in both the boy’s and girl’s contests.

Eight teams played in the boy's team tournament with Germany retaining their title from 2010. Sweden was runner-up, with Switzerland in third-place. Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Portugal also competed in the eight-round contest. The girl's team competition featured six teams and the top three places were taken by Germany, Sweden and Austria. Czech Republic, Russia and Portugal were the other competing nations.

Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Kosovo and the Netherlands also sent players to compete in the individual tournaments.

In the boy's Strokeplay World Championship Germany took the top five places, with Andreas Schneider the winner, one shot ahead of teammate Pascal Zeller. Sebastian Piekorz was third in the twelve-round tournament that featured 67 players.

In the girl's Strokeplay World Championship Katharina Benn won the title following a play-off with teammate Annika Dellmann as both players tied after twelve-rounds of competition. Sweden's Sara Karlsson was third in the tournament that saw 25 players take part.

In the WMF Youth World Minigolf Matchplay Championships Finland's Eetu Ikola took the boy's title, defeating Germany's Philip Lau in the final. Markus Nilsson defeated Derice Shumilov Susoho in an all-Sweden play-off for third-place.

In the girl's WMF Youth World Minigolf Matchplay Championships Lara Jehle of Austria defeated Vanessa Peuker of Germany to take the title. In an all-Germany play-off for third-place Strokeplay Runner-up Annika Dellmann defeated Strokeplay World Champion Katharina Benn.

In the WMF's Youth World Ranking List for 2012 Germany is at number one, with Austria at two and Sweden at three, with 26 nations listed.

Results of the WMF Youth World Minigolf Championships http://ba.minigolfsport.de/turnier1023s/result.htm

Results of the WMF Youth World Minigolf Matchplay Championships http://ba.minigolfsport.de/turnier1024s/result.htm

Official website of the 2012 WMF Youth World Minigolf Championships http://www.minigolf-wm-bad-muender.de/jwm2012.php?l=en

The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) is the umbrella organisation of Minigolf sports association's worldwide and continental associations in Asia, Europe and America. The WMF is a member of SportAccord, the General Association of International Sports Federations. The WMF organises biannual world championships for youth and elite players, as well as biannual Continental Championships in Europe, Asia and the USA. There are four minigolf systems recognised by the WMF; Concrete, Miniaturegolf, Feltgolf and Minigolf Open Standard (MOS).

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