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Report from the 10th Annual SportAccord Convention in Canada

WMF Represents Minigolf at SportAccord Convention in Quebec City

The World Minigolf Sport Federation represented Minigolf at the 10th annual SportAccord international sports convention in Quebec City, Canada from the 20th to 25th May 2012.

Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann (WMF President) and Evgeny Kaplun (WMF Media Manager) participated in the SportAccord Convention where there were many round-table discussions, plenary sessions and other events during the week.

For the first-time ever an IF Zone was created at the SportAccord Convention which provided a comfortable and dedicated area for delegates and international sports federations to meet. The WMF was one of the IFs to receive a dedicated table and exhibition space and a number of visitors to the convention were able to discuss Minigolf with the WMF.

For the WMF one of the most important events of the week took place with the renaming of the group of non-International Olympic Committee recognised International Federations and the new outlook for the group’s work and goals.

SportAccord is the association for international sports federations and has 107 members. Within SportAccord the WMF is a member of the group of international sports federations not currently recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

At the latest convention the group of 24 members was renamed from the ‘Non-IOC-Recognised International Federations’, to the ‘Alliance of Independent Members in SportAccord’ (AIMS). The group includes IFs from sports including the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations and the International Dragon Boat Federation.

The group once again met at the convention and WMF President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann was elected as a member of the working group to unite the interests of AIMS members. The Chairman of AIMS is Espen Lund (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) from Norway. Espen is a member of the SportAccord Board and of the steering committee for the multi-sport events.

The Alliance of Independent Members in SportAccord group will be fighting for their common goals which include:
  • International Olympic Committee Recognition
  • Integration into one of the multi-sport events created by SportAccord

One of the WMF’s goals is to become a sport in the Target Games. Other SportAccord multi-sport events include the Combat Games, Mind Games, Artistic Games and Beach Games.

During the week of the SportAccord Convention contact was made with many important partners, including:

  • Joachim Gossow, CEO of the International World Games Association
  • Vincent Gaillard, Director General of SportAccord
  • Vanessa Sidwell-Graff, multi-sport event department of SportAccord
  • Francoise Dagouret and Natalie Mills, Doping Free Sport Unit of SportAccord

Additionally, meetings were held and contact made with many colleagues from other International Federations, as well as sports and media organisations.

The WMF representatives did their best to promote Minigolf worldwide during SportAccord. A lot of work lies ahead with all the contacts that were made Quebec.


Evgeny Kaplun
Media Manager

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