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Asian Open 2012 website is now online

Visit the website of Asian Open Championships 2012 in Chiangmai, Thailand at championship.minigolfgardenresort.com and find out what kind of experiences are waiting for you in November. Online registration for the championships is also possible on the website.

First editions of 2012 WMF World Ranking Lists are now online

The first editions of World ranking lists are now online. Category changes in 2012 have been taken into account and the results of 2009 have been removed. The final editions of 2012 will be published after the season in November.

Updated regulation chapters are now online

Some updates of sport regulations (Chapter 3 of the rulebook) based on the motions of WMF TC were approved by the WMF Board in the April meeting.

In the chapter of the Worldwide international sport regulations a wording was changed. The playing-in time before the beginning of a tournament day is now called “warm-up time”. The playing-in time before the start of a round is now called “practice time”.

 The chapter 3.6 (regulations for World and Continental Championships) underwent a general text check, especially since in many points the text was orienting only to general class, the regulations being valid for all categories.

Infos to MOS competitions

The organiser has now a special hotel offer for Minigolf Masters Russia Open in Moscow. Please contact Evgeny Kaplun (mediamanager@minigolfsport.com) or Pasi Aho (sportdirector@minigolfsport.com) for more details.

The prolonged registration period for WAGM 2012 in Hastings is running till 07.05. You can still register for the competition which has GBP 500 (approx. EUR 600) first prize.

Pasi Aho
WMF Sport Director

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