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WMF Technical Committee meeting 27th – 29th January 2012 in Offenbach / Germany

Technical Committee members gathered for the annual meeting in the central location of Offenbach in Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. Five members out of six were present: Pasi Aho (WMF Sport Director), Yuki Koshimura (AMF / Japan), Günter Schwarz (EMF / Germany), Jan Strandberg (elected member / Sweden) and Martin Tománek (WMF Youth Officer / Czech Rep.). Jon Stanwyck (AMSA / USA) was unfortunately not able to attend.

Since 2012 is not a year with WMF Delegates’ Conference, no motions to DC had to be prepared. Yet many current issues were discussed, prepared for the DC 2013 and for the WMF Board or decided upon directly. In the following the main topics:
  • EMF has tried to change the SEC 2013 to be played on felt + miniaturegolf instead of only felt, because it is predictable that it will be difficult to complete three rounds per day on system felt only with currently regular number of participants. The negotiations have not led to a positive results and so the SEC 2013 will be played only on felt.

  • The team competitions of World and European Championships of all categories are extended to be played over eight rounds in two days instead of current six rounds whenever the number of participants, system(s) to be played and time schedule during the tournament allow it. Currently the deadline for the end of the team competitions is set for Friday (day 3) at 14.00 and this deadline will remain. It will however be used only in case that six rounds have not been finished during the first two competition days. All details will be published in the meeting minutes and championships invitations as soon as possible.

  • TC had received applications for future championships in years 2013-2015 and some more are announced to come in soon. Therefore it was not possible to make any recommendations, but TC is negotiating with the candidates to find a smooth calendar for the next years and recommends that EMF and WMF Boards will decide on all available applications in their meetings which will both take place in spring 2012.

  • A workshop for creating standards for becoming and being a WMF international referee will take place during YWC 2012 week in Bad Münder, based on the motion of the Youth Committee.

  • TC discussed a hot topic regarding ball approval and decided to create a list of currently available balls which don’t have to be approved and for which no approval fee has to be paid. “Klickers” and glass ball are examples of such balls. TC will contact all WMF partners who are producing and selling balls and collect proposals for further ball types to be included on the list.

  • After having revised the felt rules in 2011, TC will now start a revision process of the system-specific rules of miniaturegolf with the goal to bring the motion to the DC 2013. Partner companies will be involved in the process and contacted for amendment proposals. At the same time the partner companies will be asked for comments and possible amendment proposals of the new system-specific rules of feltgolf.

On behalf of the TC
Pasi Aho
WMF Sport Director

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