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Istanbul Minigolfstream Cup 2011

At the World Minigolf Sport Federation’s Delegates Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on the 21st of August 2011 the WMF acknowledged four new full members to the Minigolf community, they were Croatia, Israel, Kosovo and Turkey.

Dr.Gerhard Zimmermann (World Minigolf Sport Federation, President) hands over a welcome present for full membership to Ibrahim Gedikoglu (Turkish Minigolfsport Federation, President / left) and Lavdim Zylfiu (Kosovo Minigolfsport Federation, Secretary General / right)

The Turkish Minigolf Federation began their full membership status by organising their first big minigolf sport event – the Istanbul Minigolfstream Cup 2011. The WMF President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann and EMF President Victor Condeco attended as honorary guests to the event which took place at the Meydan Mall, a large Shopping Centre in Istanbul.

International Minigolf players from five countries competed at the event as Germany, Kosovo, Portugal and Switzerland joined Turkish players in the tournament. The event was the first international Minigolf tournament in Turkey.

EMF president Victor Condeco said “The Istanbul Minigolfstream Cup has been a great experience. Since June this year we helped the Turkish Minigolf Federation to start with the minigolf activities in Istanbul. On the Miniature Golf course installed at Meydan Shopping Centre they had the opportunity to have lessons on the basic skills and minigolf rules needed for development. The players practised very hard until today and when Jana Miglitsch arrived here to coach the players for the tournament, they were able to benefit from the instructions from Jana. Now the Turkish players feel more confident and have good minigolf sport knowledge to continue improving. I feel that we are doing the right work to help a new nation to develop Minigolf as a sport.”

The WMF appreciates the huge efforts of the Turkish Minigolf Federation and the great enthusiasm for the sport of Minigolf very much. WMF president Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann said “The shopping centre was absolutely the right location to allow the public to try out minigolf, to educate the best Turkish players by an experienced German Minigolf Coach in Jana Miglitsch and to present the minigolf sport with an international tournament to the media.

The winners of this first international tournament in Turkey were:
  • Tulay Yalcintas, Turkey (female youth)
  • Koray Karakoc, Turkey (male youth)
  • Ezgi Sogukcelik, Turkey (women)
  • Ahmet Yanku, Turkey (men)
  • Philipp Lewin, Germany (international players)

Full results can be found at http://www.jfsantos.net/bangolf/result.htm


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