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WMF Delegates Conference

The WMF Delegates Conference took place in Stockholm on Sunday 21st of August. A number of issues were discussed by the delegates from different WMF member countries.

Among the most important points were the elections of the new WMF Board Members. A new President, Secretary General, Finance Officer, Youth Officer, Sport Director and Media Manager were elected for the next two years.

Three new member nations were also accepted into the WMF at the meeting.

The delegates also approved the budget and financial report of the WMF.

The new board

The new board is as follows:
  • President: Dr Gerhard Zimmermann, Germany
  • Secretary General: Hans Bergström, Sweden
  • Finance Manager: Keith Kellard, United Kingdom
  • Sport Director: Pasi Aho, Finland
  • Media Manager: Evgeny Kaplun, Russia
    + continuing board members
  • Representing Europe: Victor Condeco, Portugal
  • Representing Asia: André Savaré, Thailand
  • Representing America: Bob Detwiler, USA

Three new member nations were adopted: Croatia, Israel and Turkey. Kosovo was given a conditional approval. The condition is that the WMF needs to be given recommendations from SportAccord of the official status of Kosovo.

The four resigning board members Kjell Henriksson, Sweden; Said Morell, Sweden; Roger Cadosch, Switzerland and Willy Bauer of Austria were officially thanked at the Conference for their work on the Board.

Full minutes of the conference will be published on the official WMF website, as soon as it signed.

Evgeny Kaplun
WMF Media Manager

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