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Newsflash of the Executive Committee meeting March 12-13 ,2011

The meeting was held in Zürich /Switzerland in a friendly and co-operative way.

 Some major points and decisions:

1.The Delegates Conference is scheduled for Sunday , August 21st 2011 in Stockholm /Sweden . Start is at 9:00a.m.

2. The preliminary Balance 2010 pre-audit  shows a small gain.

3. The prepared budgets for 2012 and 2013 seen in a consolidated view show a balanced result. Therefore the board proposes to the  Delegates Conference to keep the percentage of ball homologation fees with the current valid figures.

5. The  President, Kjell Henriksson, has already declared after the last Delegates Conference not to continue in any Board position after DC 2011.

The following board members also declared not to candidate at the next DC for any Board position in the WMF:

Roger Cadosch /Secretary General
Said Morell /Finance Manager
Willy Bauer/ Media Manager

6. All motions by Technical Committee from the meeting 28-30 January  2011 to the Board have been approved.

7. All motions by Technical Committee from the meeting 28-30 January 2011 to the Delegates Conference  have been recommended to the DC by the Board.

8. Asian Championships  2012 will take place 8-10 November 2012 in Chang Mai /Thailand

9. The Sport Director, Gerhard Zimmermann, informs about an official letter issued by the WADA that the WMF is in compliance with the WADA anti-doping rules

Willy Bauer
WMF Media Manager

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