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New EMF Board elected

The new European Minigolfsport Federation (EMF) board for 2010-2012 was elected at the ordinary Delegates Conference, held on the 15th August 2010 in Predazzo (Italy).

The EMF Board Members are:

President: Victor Condeço (Portugal)
Secretary General: Marcus Wüthrich (Switzerland)
Finance Manager: Michael Soelling (Denmark)
Sport Director: Günter Schwarz (Germany)
Media Manager: Reinhard Neitzke (Germany)

from left to right: Michael Soelling, Marcus Wüthrich, Victor Condeço, Günter Schwarz, Anabela Pereira, Reinhard Neitzke

The following Officers were elected:

Youth Officer: Anabela Pereira (Portugal)
Seniors Officer: Marcus Wüthrich (Switzerland)

The conference included a very lively discussion about having two champions at World and European Championships in the future. The majority of the delegates were 'for' having two champions in the future. The next step is to refer this topic to the Technical Committee of the WMF again.

As soon as the minutes are released officially they will be published here.

Willy Bauer / Media Manager WMF
Photo: Willy Bauer

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