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Interview with Evgeny Kaplun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, 'Olympiysky-Dagomys' Hotel, Resort & Minigolf club.


NEWS: What exactly is 'Olympiysky-Dagomys'?

EK: Olympiysky-Dagomys is quite a big famous hotel and resort with its own minigolf club (18 holes, MOS concrete, WMF certified; and since September 2009 an Miniaturegolf course was established also in Dagomys village (10 km from Sochi city centre), Russia.

NEWS: When was the Club founded?

EK: The Club started in June 2007. The concrete course was built in 1982 simultaneously with the hotel construction. There is a non commercial (free of charge) youth minigolf school in the club (the only in region and maybe even in Russia). The Chief Coach is Russian women's champion Tatyana Chesnova.

NEWS: What was the reason why you choose specific name of the organisation?

EK: It's the name of the mother hotel. The club is situated on the same site as the hotel with the same name. 'Olympiysky' means 'Olympic'. Dagomys - is the name of a place (village, district, and suburb) in Sochi.

NEWS: Why should someone visit Sochi and 'Olympiysky'?

EK: Oh, it's a long story. Sochi is a beautiful 'summer capital' of Russia. It's situated on the warm Black Sea coast. There are Russian President and Prime-minister official residences in Sochi. It is often called the 'third capital' of Russia (after Moscow and Saint Petersburg). The total length of the city is 145 km, and it is the most northern subtropical city in the world. It has very interesting and beautiful nature features, mountains covered with forests, a lot of mountain rivers and waterfalls, along with Riviera parks, etc. Sochi is the most favourite resort in Russia. And Sochi will host 2014 Winter Olympics.

NEWS: Could you tell us more about the hotel?

EK: The Hotel was built in 1982 by Yugoslavians. It was planned to act as a hotel for Moscow 1980 summer Olympics, but it failed. It's the reason for the name of the hotel being 'Olympiysky-Dagomys' = Olympic Dagomys. The hotel has been partially renovated and refurbished recently. There are 346 rooms with 750 beds, 3 restaurants and several bars, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, car parking, medical centre, small spa, etc. in the hotel. There is also a private beach.

NEWS: Are there popular any other kind of sports in 'Olympiysky-Dagomis' area?

EK: Tennis, petanque, football, volleyball, a lot of others, including new Winter Olympic activities being constructed now. The first coach of the famous Russian tennis player Evgeny Kafelnikov still works at the Dagomys tennis club.

NEWS: How far from the airport is 'Olympiysky-Dagomis' located?

EK: 40 km from the Sochi Adler international airport. - trains, cars, public transport is available

NEWS: What about specific national traditions and culture of this Russian region?

EK: It's a Caucasus area and a lot of local nationalities live here. They are known for their warm hospitality.

NEWS: How many international tournaments are planned to held in 'Olympiysky-Dagomys'?

EK: In 2010 the YNC and YWC will be organised in Sochi, the Minigolf Sochi Open 2010 will take place in October and there will be a lot of others for sure.

NEWS: Why did you decide to sponsor the WMF organisation?

EK: It's the easiest way to support minigolf worldwide. To be a gold sponsor of WMF is a favour and a privilege for us. Also, we have to become well known among the world Minigolf community. The best way to do this is to organise big competitions in our club. It will be easier to achieve this with the WMF's help and understanding.

NEWS: What are the future plans of 'Olympiysky-Dagomys'?

EK: We'd like to become the best Minigolf resort in the world. We'll do it step by step, but we will be. Even now we know that we are maybe one of the best. We want to try to organise other WMF competitions here and we are ready for that and we'll apply. We will renovate the hotel and our courses step by step. Now we have the only MOS concrete Minigolf course in Russia. We have already established our second one, a Miniaturegolf course. We are now the only club in Russia with two different courses.

NEWS: Thank you for this Interview.

Photocredit: Olympiysky Dagomiys

Kristiana Kirsa
Media Manager EMF

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