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WMF Delegates Conference: Board reelected!

The WMF Delegates Conference was held Aug. 16th 2009 in Odense.

The Board was reelected.
President :Kjell Henriksson
Secretary General: Dr. Roger Cadosch
Sports director: Dr. Gerd Zimmermann
Finance Manager: Said Morell
Media Manager: Willy Bauer

Two new nations were welcomed as new full Members: China and Iran.

The motions of the WMF Executive Board, WMF Technical Committee and Motions from the Members have been approved. Some with slight amendments.

Motion of Czech Republic was passed to the Technical Committee WMF.

Budget 2009 was approved.

Budgets 2010 & 2011 will be amended with ball income split reduced from 40% to 20%; member projects from 20% to 10%.

No increase in membership fees.

The board was requested to find some further reduction in costs.

The WC 2013 was awarded to Bad Muender , Germany.

Dr. Roger Cadosch
Secretary General WMF

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