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French Minigolf Federation - WMF News Story - 19/05/09

The French Minigolf Federation (FFM) has elected a new Board and the new President is 28 year-old Nicolas Fournier.

The new FFM board members are:
  • President: Nicolas FOURNIER (Rhodanien MGC)
  • Vice President: Frédéric VAESSEN (MG Samauritain)
  • Secretary: Coralie FOURNIER (Rhodanien MGC)
  • Vice Secretary: Martial BOUILLE (U.S. Torreilles)
  • Treasurer: Joseph SANCHEZ (U.S. Torreilles)
  • Vice Treasurer: Nicole BAGUET (MSC Mulhouse)
  • Technical Director: Philippe LHERITIER (MGC Rhodanien)
The main goals of the FFM in 2009 are to:
  • Work on communications to allow people to discover and practice our sport by organising "open days" in all of the clubs in France, to recruit new players.
  • Work on our internal rules (statutes) to have minigolf recognised as a sport in France and the FFM as a federation by our government.
  • Work on our rules and policies to be in agreement with EMF and WMF rules (E.g. WADA Code)
President Nicolas Fournier has been playing minigolf for six years and is a member of Rhodanien MGC. This year, for the first time, he has been selected to play for the French team in the WMF World Minigolf Championships in Odense, Denmark in August.

Nicolas Fournier

Fournier said "For the majority of the people in France minigolf is not a sport but seen only as a holiday leisure activity. However, in 2009 we have 17 tournaments planned on our calendar, plus a French Cup and the French Championship to be played in Dijon on Miniaturegolf. We also have a national ranking list and you can find this list and the results from our tournaments on our website at www.minigolf-france.fr. We are also planning to update our website over the summer, along with carrying out additional marketing and media activities.

Nicolas Fournier

"The new FFM board are a group of young players who want take our sport in a new direction. In France minigolf has a big issue in being recognised as a sport. The FFM board is keen to work closely with the WMF to develop the sport of minigolf in France.

"In France we have 104 players who play in eight clubs. In 2008, a new club, Spay, was created with a Feltgolf course, and this hosted the French Championship.

"We don't yet have an established youth program, but in each club we are looking to work with local schools to get young people involved in the sport.

"We have some interesting projects and ideas to develop the sport in France and to be in-line with WMF policies. But it's not always easy to find the money for these projects. As a relatively small federation organising anti-doping control without money is difficult and we can't necessarily obtain the funds until minigolf is recognised by our government.

"Many of the players in the FFM, including me, are keen to play in International tournaments such as the World Championships in Odense and some players are also planning to go to Lamego for the Senior European Championships and Senior Nations Cup."

Richard Gottfried/ Nicolas Fournier
Photos: FFM

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