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Report from Media & Marketing workshop in Offenbach 28/29 March 2009

  • Walter Teupe, Germany (only the 28th March)
  • Wolfgang Wicki, Switzerland
  • Urs Schmid, Switzerland
  • Philipp Albrechtsberger, Austria
  • Alexander Khaelssberg, Austria
  • Alberto Pirovano, Italy
  • Cristina Crudu, Italy
  • Anabela Pereira Condeço, Portugal
  • Leif Meitilberg, Denmark
  • Leif Meitilberg, Denmark
  • Michael R. Soelling, Denmark
  • Per Olsson, Sweden
  • Hans Olofsson, Sweden



12.00 Note of Mr. Kjell Henriksson, WMF President to the participants
Start of workshop
Presentation of media & marketing activities in each represented country. Each country is asked to present their experience of media and marketing work for minigolf and to bring examples of marketing material.
14.30 Break
15.00 - 18.00 Workshop
Continue with the presentations.
Summary of all presentations with a discussion about how WMF and the countries federations can work together with media & marketing. We will try to define joint projects based on the presented best practise. Media and marketing of the World Championship, how do we want that to be done?
19.00 Joint dinner


as from 07.00 Breakfast
08.00 Workshop
- Discussion of the marketing values of minigolf:
- What do people associate minigolf with?
How can we exploit the situation as it is?
What do we want people to associate minigolf with?
How can we change people's minds about minigolf, if that is needed? What communication strategy shall we have?
10.00 Break, check-out
10.30 - 13.00 Workshop
The media channels of today and tomorrow, which media channels are best used for exploiting minigolf? Potential sponsors of minigolf, who are they and what can we offer them?
Summary of the workshop, defining next step.
13.00 Lunch
Individual return


During the Saturday all participating nations made a presentation of the media and marketing work that is done in their respective countries. All nations had prepared very well which made the workshop very inspiring for all participants. Due to the good preparations and the discussions it took all the time during the Saturday to finish them however it was a very good session and inspiring for all participants.

The Sunday started with a brainstorming activity around the topic how WMF and the national federations can work together with media and marketing in the future. This resulted in a long list of ideas which we tried to group under what WMF could do and what could be done by the national federations. The ideas were also listed under some different headlines. The conclusion of this activity resulted in the following list of proposals:

Media and marketing ideas for WMF:

  • Spread ideas and project initiatives from the countries federations, exchange best practise
  • Expand Mini&Golfi to other countries than Portugal
  • Next step to start up projects based on ideas from the media and marketing workshop
  • Support with information material of the sport
  • Find and contract a web-TV service that can be used for big tournaments
  • Form a WMF media and marketing strategy
  • Send a person to the international championships to monitor the media and marketing job done by the championship organisation
  • European tour competition arranged on courses in public places
  • Create an email list of media interested people in the national federations, form a network or start a forum
  • International media contact list
  • Contact a cable-TV channel (Euro Sport) to get them interested in broadcasting from minigolf tournaments
  • Press kit for international championships, guidelines for media & marketing of international championships
  • DVD minigolf information movie in English (with material from both competitions and public minigolfers that has fun playing minigolf) The Austrian and German movie material can be used as a base
  • Information flyers, Pictures, Posters
  • Purchase a mobile phone minigolf game that can be downloaded for free from the WMF and the federation web-sties

Media and marketing ideas for the national federations:

  • European tour competition arranged on courses in public places
  • Bring out the fun of minigolf, realise that the public minigolf players are funding the pro minigolfers. Be nice to the public players, make them want to come back to the minigolf course, give them a good time.
  • Events with pro minigolfers that play with sponsors, public players
  • Events with famous people that play minigolf
  • Press and practise event at big tournaments
  • Better food and beverages for public players at the courses
  • Summer minigolf schools
  • Cooperation with schools like the Mini&Golfi project
  • Profile Minigolf stars as Germany and Sweden do
  • Public events like Austria
The remaining time was spent on discussions around two questions:

Media and marketing of the World Championship, how do we want that to be done? What can WMF do to improve the situation?
  • Contract an internet TV direct broadcast service
  • Press and sponsor event with top players the day before the championship starts
  • Press & media kit including: marketing material, information DVD, printed folder and poster
  • Guideline/Strategy on how to work with media and marketing when organising a championship
  • Provide contact list of companies that could help with media and marketing work during the championship
  • Guidelines for opening and closing ceremony

Potential sponsors of minigolf, who are they and what can we offer them?
  • We have a lot of public minigolf players, far more than the pro minigolfers. Exploit this! It is probably easier to find sponsors to minigolf courses than get sponsors for a specific tournament
  • Find companies that deliver products that are sold at the minigolf course: ice cream, coffee, beverages etc.
  • Exploit the fact that anybody can play minigolf, it is not a spectacular sport but there are companies that have a profile related to what minigolf stands for, wellness and lifestyle companies
  • Minigolf is a perfection sport and can be related to quality/perfected products
  • Create events with sponsors at the course playing with the best minigolfers. Offer them a complete evening with minigolf, food, beer/wine, music etc.

Invited media and marketing consultant

From Austria Alexander Khaelssberg participated. He works as a media and marketing consultant and has helped the national minigolf federation in Austria during the past years with great success. Before summing up the workshop he shared his view of how media is changing and how we can exploit it:

Financial Crisis is also a problem for the media market, the budget for classic media: Newspaper and TV is shrinking. However people now spend more time on you-tube than they do on TV, especially the young generation. In order to reach out to the public it will be more and more important to communicate via internet.

Since the journalists of classic media have less time they will turn into "multimedia-content-manager" that search for more or less ready stories. We need to provide them with "multimedia-content" for free which they can use.

Relations with national news agency like Reuters (in Germany) and TT (in Sweden) is very important. If the national news agency publishes your news it will be published in many newspapers and perhaps also TV or radio will pick it up.

Alexander also spoke about the use of social media facebook for example. let the target group spread the news that it is fun to play minigolf. Imagine that you want to purchase a car then who do you trust the most, the car dealer or your best friend?

We also got some advice on press releases which shall have a short text with good important information and then links to results and photos. It is good to have a press area on the federation website from which the media can download "multimedia-content".

Per Olsson

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